Riley C. (rileyc) wrote in write_up100,
Riley C.

WriteUp100 Flash Fic Challenge #2: Make a wish

Okay, a couple ways to play this.

(1) You, being the all-powerful author, are akin to a magic genie (yeah, as opposed to all those non magical genies running around *g*) and can grant Detective Elliot Stabler his fondest wish. Which, of course, might also be your fondest wish for him.

Or (2) you can go crack!fic with it, with Elliot actually encountering a genie (hey, Mulder did), or discovering a magic lamp, or whatever devices can be employed to grant someone a wish.

It can be canon or AU, and special guest appearances by anyone played by Lee Tergesen are welcome.

This runs for the month, and a minimum of 1000 words is always desirable, but not mandatory; and there is no word limit.

Have fun.

ETA: Visual spin welcome. :)
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