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Flash Fic Challenge #1: DVD Bonus Scenes

This will run throughout the month, and if you can bring something in at around 1000 words that would be wonderful, but again, don't sweat word counts.

Anyway, your mission should you choose to accept it, is to pretend that all seasons of SVU, including the current one, have been released on DVD, they are in your happy hands, and lo and behold if they aren't chockful of never before glimpsed scenes that wound up on the cutting room floor. Look, there's Elliot in the shower, nothing left to the imagination as he lathers up! You eagerly work through them all, amazed at all the great stuff that was deemed unnecessary to include in the episode as it aired. Fantasies are fulfilled; that scene played out longer, and the way you had hoped it would.

Write that, the Elliot scene you've always wished would happen, that could have happened in this episode or that one, that you would have given a kidney to see. It can be angsty or humorous, sexy or sad, whatever you're in the mood for.

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