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Drabble Challenge #1: Free-for-all

Someone has to be first I suppose:)

An Elliot snippet after the episode 'Shaken'
I'm usually pretty anal about being exactly 100 words but this comes in at 128 words, sorry!

‘Ex-Marine Elliot Stabler aged 21 was arrested yesterday for the murder of his baby daughter, Maureen. ADA Richer has demanded that he be denied bail due to the heinous nature of the crime...’

Detective Elliot Stabler woke with a start. It was 3am and he was still sitting in front of the TV that had now gone from some lame ass cop show to infomercials.
The damned job was so much easier when he felt the pain of the victim, and hated the perp. He never could understand or sympathize with a baby rapist, or some pervert who preyed on the vulnerable. But, what about times like this, when the perp could, but for the grace of God, have been him?

Eyes stinging, Elliot reached for another drink.
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