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Write_Up100 Challenge: Phoning it in

It's Sunday morning, the phone rings... 189 words.

ETA: And of course this is a moment in my ongoing Elliot/Agt. Toby series. D'oh.

Yawning expansively, Elliot fumbled for the phone, dragged it over. Face still half-smooshed in the pillow, he growled, “Yeah?” Pale, wintry sunlight spilled through the windows and he was positive he’d only fallen into bed a couple of hours ago.

“Well, and good morning to you too, Detective.”

He shifted around, blinking against that light. “Toby?”

“Wow, he remembers.”

It hadn’t been that long since they had last spoken … it just felt like it. Right now Elliot could feel the smile slowly spreading across his face as he relaxed against the pillows. “Good to hear your voice,” even if he was halfway across the country. “How’s Denver?”

“Getting snowed in as I left.”

He blinked again, tried to suppress the tiny flutter of hope that wanted to get out. “So, where are you now?” Off to chase some new lead to Timbuktu, probably. He was so sure of that, Toby’s reply didn’t register immediately. “What?”

“I said I’m downstairs.”

Brows drawn together, he needed another moment. “Downstairs here?”

Voice warm enough to chase away any winter chill, Toby said, “Yeah, Elliot, here. I’m home.”

So was he, now.
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