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Just what he wanted

this wasn't what I had intended, but it's what came out...

Coming in at 132 words

It all started with a phone call.

It was very quiet, even for a Sunday. Elliot was using the time to finish some paperwork when the phone rang.

Someone was looking for Elliot Stabler.

Could he confirm his identity?
Would he mind answering a few questions?
They were looking for a specific person and wanted to be sure they’d found him before they went into any detail.
They’d rather not say what it was about just yet.

His identity had been confirmed. There was just one more question, had he ever heard of a woman by the name of Talia Massey?

Well, it appeared that she had named him, along with one Eddie Drake, as co-guardian of her 18-month-old daughter Katherine.

Just what Elliot needed – another child and a trip to LA…

Note: Talia Massey was a character played by Traci Lords (the bar chick in Eddie's bar) since her part in Wanted didn't have a name.
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