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Why all the pearls?Why all the hair?Why anything?

Drabble Challenge #1: Free-for-all

Directly following the final scene in "Risk" in which Elliot asks Olivia if going to the shrink helped her after she shot a suspect.

"An Easy Talk" (114 words)

But maybe talking to the shrink would help him. Perhaps it would give him the chance to delve into his demons -- the ones that haunted him in the throes of his nightmares, or when he had to look at himself in the mirror every morning.

A good night's sleep could be the result of that simple chat. That bottle of beer -- no, three bottles -- wouldn't look as tempting. He and Kathy could have an honest conversation for a change. Instead of being frustrated at the unending stream of shit-eating scum that held the City captive day after day, he could free his soul. Talk. Open up. Be honest.

Nah, fuck it.
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