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Drabble Challenge #1: Free-for-all

Here's a little something to get me warmed up in the new community and back in the LJ groove in general.

This could be set anytime after the separation from Kathy, perhaps sometime around "Ripped":

Elliot shoved open the front door and, from force of habit, started to call out. But the words died in his throat as he remembered the answer to "Anybody home?"

It wasn't so long ago that everything -- his house, his heart, his life -- seemed so full. The world outside was full of danger, but his home was full of love and safety. It had been filled to the brim with kids and shoes and homework and giggles. A refuge to escape the ugliness of the day.

He marveled at that as he moved through familiar routines. A beer, the mail, TV. The noises echoed through the empty house, which was no longer an escape but a reminder that he couldn’t outrun the ugliness forever. The horrors of the job eventually had choked him. He stopped talking to Kathy. He worried the kids. Frustration and resentment filled the silences. Then anger. Always anger.

Which, in a way, was just like coming home.
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